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Keyboard is one of the most important devices of computer and laptop system because without the keyboard, computer system is unusable. It is not possible for any person to store all their important data and information in the computer without using keyboard. Nowadays, TYPI keyboard is very popular because of its amazing features. This keyboard is best for typing as well as for gaming experience. If you compare this keyboard with other traditional keyboards then you will get the best results with the TYPI because of its unique features, which are:

Takes less space – when people purchase the big traditional full-size keyboards then there is a need of big space to place the keyboard because of their horizontal shape. But TYPI is available in square shape, which takes less space. Mostly, people like to go with the small sized keyboards to save the table space but it is not a good option because the TYPI has lots of additional functional keys as compared to the small-sized keyboards.

Improve the typing speed of user – In full sized keyboards; mostly people are unable in increasing their typing speed because the function keys are available at a distance, which reduces the typing speed of user. With the TYPI, people can definitely increase their typing speed because the keys are placed correctly in TYPI.

Professionally designed – this keyboard is highly popular among professional type writers because it is professionally designed by including three main principles, which are:

  • Helpful in improving the experience of typing because each key is rightly placed, which reduce the moving distance of fingers.
  • Help people to avoid the mistakes of wrong key pressing.
  • Solid design with less useless functions like programming or color lights of keys.

Less discomfort – in normal keyboards, mostly people feel pain and discomfort, when they type. But TYPI is designed considering two main points: comfort of the user and that people feel more efficient in typing.

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