A smart box for all your storage needs

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Today is the world of technology and people keep looking for ways in which they can make their work easy. The businesses have now moved to cloud network to ensure that the data is stored safely and can be accessed by the required authorities as and when needed. If you are looking for a solution to centralize and safely store the personal documents and entertainment options, then you can consider getting the Zexabox. It is a small NAS device that will perfectly work as a data center for your individual, family or small business needs. This network attached storage device offers encrypted storage application ensuring the safety of the data stored in it.

Why this smart box?

The best thing about this device is that it is a small plug and play box that can be connected to the network and different family members can access it from their connected devices. With distributed storage facility, you can quickly transfer the data to the cloud. With this device, you are no more required to follow the long frameworks of cloud services. You can now collect all your family’s data including your favorite collection of movies, songs etc.

The various features are discussed below:

  • Auto backup – you just need to be connected to your wi-fi to automatically backup the videos and photos on the server.
  • Easy sharing of files – files can easily be shared with the family. You can access the cloud and share your desired file with any member connected to the cloud.
  • Multi-user – you can create as many users as you want. All your family members can also be a user of the device and can backup their data without any trouble.

There are several other features of Zexabox that will make you amazed.  The decentralized storage is the best feature that is catching the attention of the customers.

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