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Every android developer looking to make a mark with android app design must be aware of what android instant apps are. For those who are unknown to this tool, let’s have a look.

What Are Android Instant Apps?

Android instant apps exist as native android app development which allows users to experience and deploy on-the-fly by simply clicking on the URL, without actually downloading the app. The experience of using an instant android app design is similar to accessing a website’s page but with the feel, look and features of a traditional android app. The instant app operates on the smartphone as long as the users keep using it. Similar to a web page, when the app window is closed, the app is also closed and disappears. 

With the introduction of instant apps, a drastic revolution has hit the app industry. Apart from the usual convenience instant apps provide, these apps also rank high when it comes to performance, efficient, having more features and exceptionally robust and intuitive user interfaces.

Why Instant Apps Have Become So Popular?

Instant apps tend to offer the best of both native app and web applications. They tend to provide exceeded ease and convenience, delivers unmatched speed while retaining the immediacy of a web application. These apps can be accessed from any android smartphone, just like a web page. Instant apps also offer a massive advantage because of the fact that they can be shared amongst users. For android developers, the instant apps offer a powerful and strong technology of getting a user from the mobile web into a native mobile app. With these apps, the efficacy and working of the apps have bettered into high-performing ones. 

Notable Features Of Instant Apps

When it comes to outstanding features and options, instant apps stand no way inferior to traditional android apps. Depending upon the scope of the app and the options the developer has set in the first place, it is possible to sign up for increased number of accounts, login to already existing accounts, conduct purchase transaction, etc. In short, everything that can be done on a normal app can also be done on instant apps. However, instant apps allow users to deliver some part of their app to any user at any given time. As such, android app design developers can make only one or some of the features available to the user at any given time and keep the rest features locked. 

Instant apps are very similar to progressive web application in that both operate online. But there are some features which requires real-time updates and could only be carried out when the device, that is used to access the instant app, is connected to an active network. 

Final Thoughts

Instant apps mark as a relatively newer solution put forth by Google to bring about revolution in the tech industry and create android app design that makes the experience even more convenient for the user. This new technology brings with itself a plethora of scope and will likely be used as the main platform in the years to follow. 

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