ArchiverFS Software For File Management

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If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution to migrate all your old files to a 2nd tier storage like SAN or NAS, ArchiverFS software for file management is all you need.

The ArchiverFS Software allows you to even prepare for the newly-introduced GDPR data protection regulations. It even assists you with the migration of all your old and obsolete files from live file servers to the cloud. It is also the go-to tool if you want a hierarchical storage management system but somehow do not have any location to store the older files.

ArchiverFS Software for file management also allows you to easily and efficiently move old and unused files via UNC paths from any device(s) to any other device(s). The best thing is that you can simply select the criteria that you want to employ such as type, size, and last modified or accessed dates. Thereafter, you can select what sort of links you want to leave behind, if any.

The maintenance functions performed by ArchiverFS also allow you to keep the permissions synchronized between the live and archive file systems. You can even keep the same level of permissions synchronized while returning recently used files back to the live file system. In short, you get massive scalability at a cost effective rate and tiny footprint and this characteristic makes ArchiverFS one of the most efficient archival solutions delivered till date. For more on ArchiverFS, please click here.

The list of advantages associated with ArchiverFS does not end here. There is absolutely no requirement for any software to be loaded onto the workstations. You just need to install and configure it. It is as simple as that! You make the decision to select the storage, select how to deploy it, and pick the criteria and ArchiverFS works around you while seamlessly integrating with the existing systems.

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