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Have you ever accidentally deleted a file on your computer, removed a file from your jump drive or even formatted a camera memory card? Or maybe you can’t find your music collection after a system crash or a malware infection compromised your hard drive? Fortunately, the lost files and folders can often be recovered by using the best data recovery software But  how does data recovery software work?

Whatever the incident or accident that has led to disappearance of that treasured data, we have DRS has specialized data recovery team that will ensure that 100% of your data is recovered. With specialists in all RAIDS, we have all tools that will ensure over 98% recovery rate. With over 40 years in the field, we have mastered the art to levels incomparable and d with a global network of engineers, no data recovery challenge is beyond us.

  1. Flash discs are common storage devices and due to their portability, they are the most preferred in storing data temporarily especially when you are transferring data from one machine to another. Most of these are prone to attacks by malwares and therefore you could lose data any time. Our recovery procedure ensures full recovery of raw data.
  2. The hard drive could be corrupted or damaged from a crash. We have a system that recovers and repairs the files. It could be disappointing when your trusted machine ‘decides to surrender’ to attacks. Thus, you do not have to be worried about the lost data-we will get it back to you.
  3. The SD memory card is such a sensitive gadget that is prone to attacks and any disturbance, could lead to breakdown and therefore loss of data. Our team specialist has received accolades from major financial institutions, companies and organizations for their agility in data recovery. With a 24/7 customer support team, you have your recovery done any time and therefore we will save you from losses.
  4. Customer experience is key and this is more critical when dealing with data. Some of the data we deal with is in the heart of organizations, we will ensure foolproof security. No matter the sensitivity of the data, you can trust us for confidentiality. Our customer is the focus and therefore we take instructions carefully and deliver to precision.

This company uses the latest technology and therefore giving a faster and secure data recovery solution- this has made the company the most preferred Data Recovery UK  with a global reach. Latest research findings have demonstrated that DRS data back-up system is over 40× better than close competition.

With data recovery, the gist is in the details; whatever choice of company you make will determine the recovery success level and this is all about having the experts and therefore you must choose a company with experience and privy to the emerging data recovery issues, fully equipped with the right technology to ensure 100% success rate.

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