Dental Emergency: What To Do With A Knocked Out Tooth

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Are you dealing with a knocked out tooth and don’t know what you should do? There are a lot of ways for you to alleviate the pain and make sure that the ligament is alive as long as you take proper care of the area where the knocked out tooth is. Below are useful tips to keep in mind if you can’t go to an emergency dental Arlington VA facility at the moment.

1. Know Why the Tooth Was Knocked Out

When you’ve figured out that your tooth was knocked out, it’s essential that you know why it was knocked out in the first place. Figure out why it was severed from the socket and try to find out if the ligament that makes sure it’s attached is destroyed completely. If you’re aware of an oral disease that could knock out the tooth, inform your dentist beforehand.

A tooth that has been knocked out from the socket due to a disease can’t be saved even if you properly follow procedures in preserving it. A gum disease that doesn’t affect the tooth itself could help with your chances, however, you should ask your dentist if it’s possible to still reattach the tooth after treatment.

2. Store the Knocked Out Tooth

As soon as you spot the knocked out tooth, make sure that you place it inside your mouth. If that’s not possible because you’re going to do a rigorous activity or if you’re going to sleep, the best thing that you can do is to get a glass of whole milk. Make sure the milk is cold before placing the tooth.

This will ensure that the tooth is kept alive for a longer period of time. Many dentists agree that this is the best way to preserve the tooth so you have the option of getting it placed back again when you make the trip to the dentist in the future.

3. Clean the Socket

When you’ve saved your tooth somewhere, it’s time to make sure that the area where it was knocked out from is kept clean. A great way to avoid dealing with the pain is to wipe the area gently. Tap the socket itself lightly if the nerves are still attached. When the nerves are still in the socket, you will feel an immense amount of pain if it’s dirty.

Avoid consuming hard and oily meals to ensure there are no complications with the socket where your tooth was knocked out from. If you want to reposition your tooth into the socket, make sure that the tooth is clean especially if it fell out of your mouth in the process of being knocked out.

4. See a Dentist ASAP

Going to an emergency dental Arlington VA facility is the best way to ensure that your chances of preserving and saving your tooth are high. The suggested amount of time between the knocking out of the tooth and your visit to the dentist is within 30 minutes. Do not ignore dental problems when you experience one. Aside from possible higher cost, you have to shoulder, the health risk is also not worth it.

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