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If you are planning for a PPC campaign for advertising your business and laying stress over getting good conversion rates, then the first thing you will need to focus on is the design of the landing page. Landing page optimization is one of the biggest challenges faced by most marketing agencies offering PPC management in Dubai. Typically, the conversion rate of a landing page is anywhere between 1 to 3 percent. While there are a plethora of businesses that optimize their landing pages and convert in double digits.

You will not get it accurately in the very first time and you would have to try testing and optimizing your landing page several times to boost your conversions. However, following the below-mentioned design principles will help in optimizing your landing pages for improved conversions. Take a look.

Downloading speed

According to recent studies, if your landing page does not download quickly (within 2 or fewer seconds), then the visitors are very likely to leave your page and scroll to the next option.  Since people today are in a rush, they would not hang around if your website under-performs. Therefore, if you want your visitors to get converted to potential customers, it is mandatory for your landing page to load within a few seconds.

Craft a compelling text

The text of the landing page also matters. None of the people will dive into the details on your page if they are not convinced by the description of your products and services. In order to make sure that the visitors are satisfied with what you have to offer from the outset, you would need to serve a compelling text in front of them. Make your landing page copy believable and to the point for better conversion.

Use apt images

Images are what brings about the necessary emotions required for the users to take action. Therefore, you must make sure that all of the images used on the landing page are in sync with the content to make it outstanding. When the best images are paired with the right content, a successful conversion is seen.

Use CTAs that make users take action

CTA’s or Call to Action is merely not just a button. These are the most important elements of a landing page and therefore everything about it matters to get users to act.

Colour: make sure that the hue of the CTA is in contrast with the colour of the background. It will draw the attention of the user.

Size: make sure that the size of the CTA button is not very small so that the user loses sight of it and not too big that scares them away. It should be of an appropriate size in sync with the layout of the landing page.

Message: the message of the CTA is what truly emphasizes its importance. You should try to make the message convincing enough that instils the need of the product/services that you offer and indirectly improve the conversation rates.

Optimize your form fields

A form is a must on a landing page to capture the contact details of the user. If the user does not trust the form, then your convincing test and images will not matter at all. You must stick to asking for the email address of the customer if not targeting an enterprise client.

A multi-page form will smoothen the conversion rates as you ask the customer to take an action without asking for any of their details. Once they are convinced and committed, you can ask them to give their contact details by filling the form.

Also, make sure that you place the form in a visible position on the landing page to encourage conversion.

User-friendly an attractive overall design

You must also make sure that the overall design of the landing pages is easy to navigate and user-friendly. A user, if can easily navigate throughout your website will like to buy from you. Keeping the design of the landing page is clean and uncluttered will enhance conversions. This will convey about your reliability and professionalism to the visitors. Another thing to keep in mind is that the design of your landing page is consistent with your brand. This also will encourage your visitors to trust you and convert into your prospective clients.

All the above-mentioned design principles will help optimize the landing pages of your PPC ad and boost conversions. A good agency offering the service of will abide by each of these accurately.

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