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There are a number of problems that can stop you and reduce your efficiency. You need to have the quick solution for those problems by getting the right help. This is the best way to overcome the troublesome situations. Most of the time, you need to have the step by step solution from the experts.  For this, you need to call up the customer care number for the help. These days, visual guides are available for the users to help them to find the solutions instantly. SESSIO is a free and simple app for Android and iOS that enables the users to connect with the experts to get visual assistance in solving the problem.

Visual guide enables better understanding

It is the fact that humans are able to recognize easily the things which they see than what they have listened to. Thus, when it comes to providing the solutions for the problems, visual guide is more beneficial. This app is designed with the high quality UI and powerful controls. It is the recommended app for the managers and workers at site to enable them to have better understanding of their problems. This app enables the users to capture and share the images between the devices.

Scribble anything without paper

The app Sessio is developed to enable the users to write on the images which are shared between the devices and let them to figure out the highlights of the images by simultaneously drawing on the images. Scribbling on the images at both the ends make the conversation interesting and understandable. It is a better way of finding the solution of the problem than using the traditional method of audio calls. All the important notes can be taken down on the images. This type of app is helpful for the construction sites, home renovations, sub contracting and digital content creation where the workers face different types of problems. Through this app, they can interact with the managers to get the quick solutions.

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