Getting Insightful Data From Google Analytics

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Google Analytics (GA) provides many reports for your website including on traffic sources, conversions, user behavior, geographics, devices (i.e. desktop, mobile or tablet), and more.

You may want to first use this Google Analytics Book. It provides information from the basic GA setup to the more complicated setup (including Enhanced eCommerce tracking). To build more complex reports, you’ll have to learn to use custom dimensions, custom reports, calculated metrics, and more.

How much time to spend on Analytics when trying to dig out insights?

It all depends on the website, and the exact business goals of the website. Sometimes you have to go through your Google Analytics reports every day, but in other times it doesn’t hurt to review the reports once a week.

So 30 minutes per day or one hour per day in the very beginning will be sufficient. After you’re very familiar with your website’s data behavior and the use of GA, you may try it once every two or three days.

What happens if Google Analytics data reports alone isn’t enough?

When Google Analytics alone isn’t enough to give you the required insights, then you should dig deeper.

One example is Google Search Console, where SEO (or organic search) data reports are provided for you. The advantage is that you can easily integrate this organic search data into your Google Analytics reports.

Usually your website will get traffic from paid search such as AdWords. Google Analytics has this fantastic function to let you integrate AdWords with GA. Once they are linked, your AdWords data will show up in the GA reports.

Using third-party analytics

To take you one step further, you can add a third party analytics tool such as Crazyegg. Once it is installed on your website, it will give you web page heatmap and/or clickmap data reports. The reports show you exactly where on the web pages users click most. This is especially helpful when you’re working on mini changes on a few specific web pages. Sometimes one small change which you derived from the clickmap data may give you a big lift in conversion rate of a particular landing page.

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