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How much does it cost to make an app? – This question is always on the top of the list of questions business leaders ask mobile app developers while planning for app development. And it is important as well. After all, having a knowledge of the app development cost is what sits at the back of every mobile application development budget. However, it is quite difficult to predict the actual app cost without starting with the process, since the cost to build a mobile app depends on various factors, technologies and features that are involved in the app development process.

Feeling stressed? Don’t get panic. Here, I’m sharing a ballpark estimate of the how much does it cost to make an app for your business based on the factors that are considered for the same.

So, keep reading.

App Platform and Device: The platform and devices for which you are building your mobile application has a direct impact on its costing. For example, an Android app would cost higher than iOS due to the platform fragmentation (OS available on different types of devices and in the form of different versions). The price of web app development will be low as compared to native app development, varying between $15,000 and $30,000. Likewise, cost of cross-platform development with frameworks like React Native and Flutter will be nearly a half of that of native development.

Features and Technologies: Every single feature that you plan to add into your mobile app development process have an impact on the overall app cost. Likewise, the technologies you choose to integrate into your application also boost the app development price. So, bear the features and technologies chosen into your mind while calculating the mobile app cost.

Type of Mobile App Development Approach: Outsourcing or In-house mobile app development – this question remain prevailing the mobile market since the day the two terms came into existence. Though both the approaches have their own pros and cons, I find outsourcing far better. It not only let you hand over your app idea to the experienced professionals, but also give you an escape from hidden costs like license, infrastructure, hiring price, etc.

Location and Team Size: The app development cost also depends on the location and the type of team you hire. For example, app development cost in India is around $25-$80 on hourly basis whereas it is $100-$350 in Western nations. So, pay attention to the location of the team you hired.

Furthermore, the size of your team also have an impact on the total mobile application development cost. A freelancer will provide particular services at lower price, while an established mobile app team would provide a complete package of development services at higher price.

App Development Stages: From Market Research to Design, Development, Testing, and Deployment, every stage adds to the cost of developing a mobile application. Wondering how? The app development cost directly depends on the efforts invested into the process which is based on your app idea and experts calibre. The more complex the app idea, the more time it takes to design and develop a mobile app, and the more it costs.

For example, developing a simple mobile app with standard UI components and simple backend takes only 600-900 hours. Whereas, a complex application with custom animation, real time sync, and robust backend would take more than 1600 hours. So, the cost to build a simple app will be much lesser than that of complex mobile app.

Other Costs: Mobile app development is not a one-time cost. Designing an application is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to invest in app launch, marketing, maintenance, and update as well, which is roughly 15-25% of the overall app development cost. Besides, the frequency as which you update an app also act as an ongoing cost driver.

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