How Not Hiring an IT Support Company Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

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Many start-ups do not consider having an IT department or an IT support at all. They usually opt to do the work themselves in the hope that they’ll be saving money. However, avoiding professional IT help could cost you more than you get to save.

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Here are five factors to consider the next time you think IT support is for big companies.

5 Disadvantages of Not Hiring IT Support

  1. Buying Software

The software market keeps growing daily. New and better software is coming up at a fast rate rendering others obsolete. Without IT support service,you will be spending hundreds of dollars every few weeks to keep up with the technology.

  1. Renewing Software Licenses

In addition to running your organization, you will have to keep a close eye on all the software installed and their expiry date; taking a lot of time and energy that should have been used running the organization. Never underestimate the productivity that results from the peace of mind of having up-to-date software.

  1. Hiring IT staff

Competent IT professionals do not come cheap. You will pay thousands of dollars every year to keep them. Furthermore,you’re more likely to get an IT support specialistwho is competent in one area of your IT needs, therefore requiring more funds and resources to supplement the skill gap. Hiring an IT firm brings on board experts from various IT sectors who are available when you need them. Besides, you only pay for what you use.

  1. Lost Productivity

Technology is prone to downtimes due to various bugs. A network failure can cost your organization hours of productive time, not to mention the dissatisfaction to your employees as they work to solve what they were not hired to do. If you’re searching for a reliable IT support, tohelp with downtimes, you can start with Champions of Change.

  1. Slow Growth

Passing up an opportunity to hire IT support services means you’ll be spending some of your time troubleshooting your devices while you should be busy developing strategies to thrust your business the next level. While this may seem to agree with your plans, your competitors are busy grabbing a chunk of the market that you could have acquired easily but couldn’t because you were fixing a bug. Divided attention means you don’t give your business 100% of your focus and energy it requires thus missing out on the best-paying clients.


Unless your business is entirely offline where you keep physical files and write receipts byhand, you’ll need an IT helpdesk.With an increase in technology advancement, you’ll end up paying thousands to set up and maintain an IT department. For a small organization looking to save money and grow, IT services for small business is the way to go.

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