Increase Efficiency By Using Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

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As any business knows, time is money. This is especially true in the auto repair business, where the quicker vehicles come and go from a shop, the more money the shop makes. However, while wanting vehicles to quickly come and go, shop owners also want to ensure the vehicles are repaired in the best possible way. As technology has advanced in recent years, one of the most effective methods of inspecting vehicles to determine what repairs need to be made involves the use of auto repair Software Defined Perimeter. By using this technology, auto service advisers and technicians can check a vehicle’s history to determine when a particular service job was last completed, as well as perform many other tasks that increase shop efficiency and customer confidence and satisfaction. To learn more, here are some ways Tekmetric auto repair software can help repair shops and customers gain peace of mind.

Clear Evidence of Needed Repairs
Since most customers know little if anything about auto repairs, they can often wonder if they are being told the truth when speaking with auto technicians and service advisers. However, by using auto repair software to conduct digital vehicle inspections, technicians can have the evidence needed to convince customers a repair is necessary. By using the software, technicians can take a picture or video of a vehicle’s worn out or broken parts, then send them to a customer’s smartphone. Not only does this let the customer see exactly what needs to be done, but it also gives the technician and service adviser instant credibility.

Better Working Relationships
In any auto repair shop, it’s important for technicians and service advisers to work well together. If they don’t, problems can arise regarding shop efficiency and customer service. To solve any potential problems in this area, Tekmetric auto repair software can allow these essential employees to work together on a vehicle. For example, when a service adviser recommends a certain task be performed on a vehicle, the technician can use the software to perform a digital vehicle inspection. In doing so, they can verify when the vehicle last had that service performed on it, and can thus verify it does needs to be done again. By taking the guesswork out of auto repair, this sophisticated auto repair software can create much better working relationships between employees, which in turn makes the shop better and more efficient.

Workflow Management
Whether it’s only one auto repair shop or an entire chain of shops, workflow management is one of the most important aspects of any business. By using this specialized software, shop owners and employees can make sure all tasks are taken care of in an accurate and reliable manner. For example, if a paperless office is your goal, the software can be used to create an estimate and repair order in a matter of minutes, measure the job’s profitability, manage multiple appointments, and much more. In fact, it can take a shop from one that experiences daily problems with inventory management and customer service to one that is able to multi-task and stay on top of customer needs almost effortlessly.

See For Yourself
Like most things in life, seeing is believing, and that it certainly the case with Tekmetric auto repair software. By contacting Tekmetric, you’ll be able to request a free demo of the software, which will allow you to see for yourself the numerous advantages it can offer your auto repair business. From sending a job status to a customer’s smartphone to managing shop inventory and vendor information, Tekmetric can do it all. To learn more, simply visit today.

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