Marketing Automation – A Marketing Robot Powering Your Business Success

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What Is Marketing Automation?

The way a robot automates the work and reduces human efforts, in a similar manner, marketing automation takes control of many of the repetitive, but essential digital marketing activities within your company. Hence, one can define marketing automation as a marketing robot that simplifies and automates the marketing activities.

This way it helps business to operate efficiently and to grow revenue faster by increasing productivity levels of humans to work on more practical and creative projects.

A marketing automation software allows you to avoid tasks which can be found laborious. Marketing automation systems can be designed to automatically send emails when required or execute the social media jobs to help your brand generate more leads or improve its awareness. However there’s a numerous uses which can be automated to improve your business marketing efficiency.

How It Helps Business?

When you have sufficient knowledge of something, you operate the job with great ease in the correct manner. But when you have little or no knowledge about something there is potential that without training and experience, you could destroy the device or do your own harm.

The same rule follows for the marketing automation. If it is used correctly it’s an amazing tool but if you have not implemented all areas properly, it will make your business suffer with little mistakes creeping in to your outbound communication and inbound lead generation.

Here we will see how marketing automation helps business improve on a daily basis.

  1. Saves time: 

The tool helps you create multiple campaigns, posts, content ideas etc. ahead of time that can be scheduled to be posted and delivered in future. For example, you want to send an email regarding webinar to 10-15 people after a week but you composed it today. Now this mail be automatically sent to the respective people on that particular scheduled day and date at the same time. This is exactly how automation software works. The beauty is once you’ve taken a small amount of time to set up, it saves time later on.

  1. Customers are easily segmented: 

Segmenting different customers into varying fields is time consuming and difficult to do for many – a very meticulous task! But the problem can be overcome if you use the appropriate marketing automation software. It will automatically segment customers and will allow you to reach each unique customer.

Breaking down the segments is a step which is often overlooked by businesses who are creating an ideal customer profile and do not specify deeply enough due to the level of time it would take. But here we can gain that advantage and therefore achieve stronger campaign results.

  1. Saves money: 

Marketing automation saves money by reducing the need of staff. Especially small businesses that cannot afford to pay every month to number of people for various things, they can invest little amount in starting but later they will be free of paying monthly salary and can save money. It is an economy of scale.

  1. Simple and easy to use: 

Nowadays, automation software has advanced so much that they don’t need any coding or design experience to create great campaigns. They come with ready-made templates that are easy to use, edit and contains information that will guide you to understand the process of creation and distribution.

  1. Makes lead nurturing easier: 

Building healthy relationships with customer is the most important thing for any business to grow. Marketing automation does this by sending warm welcome messages to the new customer, thank you messages, and birthday messages on their special day etc. which makes them feel more positive and receptive to your brand. Again something which you would want to do ideally but usually restricted on with resources, it becomes a last ditch, downtime task. Now you can consider it done.

  1. More messages, more information, more leads:

As it is capable of send automated messages to the customer at regular interval so they are always aware of your offerings, new product etc. This will help you in generating more leads and building your pipeline.

  1. Creates detailed customer profiles:

Marketing automation can be used to build detailed customer profile. This way you can get more information about your customer-like their buying strategy, email responses, their likes and dislikes etc. a key Marketing automation advantage is the amount of data collected and stored for your use based on intelligent insights.

  1. Win back customers:

Create a win-back email series and targeted ad campaigns and send it to lapsed customer to re-engage inactive subscribers. Alternatively, they may not even churn in the first place with the correct automation strategy continuously engaging where human scale could not match.

Drawbacks of Marketing Automation

Make sure you choose the correct marketing automation tool for your business. Don’t make an immediate purchase. Do your research and qualify your decision. Let’s see where marketing automation actually lacks:

  1. Difficult to discover effective software: 

The first and most important thing is to find a correct software with minimum budget. Since the internet is overcrowded with great numbers of marketing automation tools, it becomes very difficult to find one, especially for start-ups. If you choose an inefficient software/tool then both your time and money will be wasted.

  1. Duplication:

If you are not using the correct software then the chances of duplicate emails and messages are high which will lead to customer ignorance or your email will be listed in spams. It must be well oiled like a machine, you must ensure this before allowing it to let loose on your customers and prospects.

  1. Regular maintenance required:

It doesn’t take much time to install software services or devices but it really takes time and money for the maintenance of the system especially you will need to consider development in-house or outsourced which is a major decision making process in itself!

  1. Don’t expect instant results:

Patience please. It’s not only about marketing automation but anything you install or implement. It just doesn’t start giving you instant results, unfortunately. You need to be patient for a fruitful long-term impact, which is ultimately why you are making this investment. Not for today, tomorrow or next week – but next year and beyond that even.

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