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The ESHOP USA Inc is a mailing and packaging service. This company helps to transfer the products users bought from US-based website and deliver it to the buyer.

I am not a U.S. citizen and hence there isn’t direct delivery of products available to my country. I bought some products from a U.S. based website and I was trying really hard to find a reliable company who would help me to get the package delivered to my address. That’s when I came across ESHOP USA Inc. and it was like all my hard really paid off.

The website has a very easy and simple process of delivering the products to the person. I was hesitating at first whether they will be able to deliver the package or not. But the customer support guided me properly and explained the entire process properly. The customer support is very nice and responded well to all my queries. After the customer care executive told me the process, I visited the website and signed up on the portal to get a U.S. address for shipping. I also received an application from the Shipping Manager that allowed me to track the package.

I was having some problem issues regarding the purchase of some items. So I asked the service for help and they got me a personal shopper who helped me with the purchase. He bought the product on my behalf and made sure that I get the best quality product.

After I completed my shopping, I again visited account to get the items shipped to my address. I also got a discount of 80% as it was my first time using their service. I opted out for a 5-day delivery method and the package was delivered on time. I am very happy with the service and would surely recommend it to my friends and family.

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