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Suppose you visit a new city for first time. Your mobile resets your GPS location and Voila! You get all the advertisement, coupons, deals and local brand promos of your new city on your mobile app. So now you hold the knowledge where to head start for your needs and wants. This is geofencing. Once the person enters a particular geographical location the central system detects your mobile through your GPS, WIFI or RFID about the location and you only see advertisement of your concern only. With the increase in users of mobile and internet connected devices geofencing has become an important and necessary marketing tool for modern business.

Geo fencing and Marketing

Marketing people create a virtual geographical boundary using the geofencing software. Whenever your mobile updates its location or a particular zone is entered by person the software automatically updates the list of advertisement contents as per the settings and location of your mobile. Hence the push notifications, advertisement on apps and social media, promotional text messages, trigger alert, local marketing data all these are catered in customized form to specifically targeted audience. The end users also get rid of spam and undesirable contents on their digital connected devices

Geofencing and lawyers marketing on internet

The geofencing could easily help to lessen the distance between the law firms and common people and make them easily approachable.Instead of random people they help to deliver the law services matching to the profile or requirements of the customer.  Digital Logic is one such platform. Ranked as one of the best service provider in terms of Online Marketing and SEO by Upcity they use geofencing technology to advertise about their law firm clients segmented as per location. Hence instead of law firms finding and approaching their clients, they bring the clients to their lawyers. With use of technology in legal practices Digital Logic helps the lawyers to exercise their highest potential and make them easily available to people in just few clicks.

Geofencing – the new marketing weapon

People surfing internet in other city will not be interested to avail legal social or other services from other city. But the people presently near your store or in your city must be interested about your services. This is how geofencing converts a potential client to a real customer. The basic concept is simple – when people recognize and remember you and your work, they will automatically come to you. Targeting them at right time with right advertisement grabs their attention and subconsciously remembers your brand.

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