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When it comes to web publishing systems, there is none more popular than the WordPress. It is the single most recognized Content Management System (CMS) in the world today. Yet, there seems to be an air of uncertainty about it when comes to managing large business enterprises. The idea of WordPress being good for only blogging platforms is still at large today. In this article, we point out at 5 major reasons why this is only a ‘myth’ and how WordPress is more than well equipped to deal with any industry.

WordPress Hosting Solution at a glance

To make use of WordPress to its full potential, an appropriate hosting plan is essential. Finding an applicable enterprise WordPress hosting solution shouldn’t be a problem either.So, what exactly is WordPress hosting? Furthermore, why would you need it? Well, for starters, it helps optimizes your platform to meet the goals of your business. The right hosting solution should be able to deliver unwavering data retention, top notch security and support, a good scope for scalability and high adaptability. For example, one of Fast Comet’s (WordPress Hosting Service) feature is that it enables its clients to add additional components and 300+ applications with a one-click installer. Making your life easier is what an appropriate hosting plan is all about.


Being able to adapt and change over time are some crucial features businesses must possess in order to survive. As your website grows for example, web-traffic will also increase, which ifnot handled right will cause an overload making the site slow and sluggish. To prevent any deterioration in performance, choosing the right enterprise hosting plan is imperative. If you’re still in the phase of selecting a new hosting service or simply looking to move from your current one, then we recommend you to do your research and choose wisely. Going through a few guides in moving to a new web hosting service should also help.

WordPress Security

Security is a crucial part of any large scale business. This is especially relevant when running a business online, as they are prime targets for harmful cyber-attacks. Owners must be aware that even though WordPress offers protection from malicious software and malware attacks, further measures must be taken to ensure solid defenses. This is where Enterprise WordPress hosting plan comes to play again, providing quality security that extends to the hardware’s as much as it does to the applications. If you have a good WordPress Hosting Service, they will protect your data from all potential hackers while also providing a fantastic retention and recovery plan.

Retention and Recovery

Data retention must be one of the top priorities for any online business. The ability to recover a company’s data in case of a catastrophe is crucial for survival. Enterprise WordPress Hosting ensures that your data is safe, backed up and easily recallable. It is very different from the classic shared hosting plans. Enterprise Hosting provides a tailored made system that is ready to handle any and all load. The key aspect being, not having to share any resources with other partners. A good WordPress Hosting plan would involve automatic updates of plugins and daily backups of hosting accounts. Site ground, Fast Comet and A2 hosting all provide fantastic security for your sites to operate safely.

In general, the WordPress hosting services all provide websites with higher level of performance in speed, data retention and security. This gives clients a greater control of the website and online applications. The aforementioned providers also come with their disaster recovery plan, ensuring that your data will withstand in the face of adversity.

Meeting the Expected Loading Time

Consider being in the shoes of an entrepreneur for a moment, you have ensured that your site is responsive, well-protected, has good scalability and yet you still haven’t been attracting the number of customers you would have hoped for. This could be because your site has a slow loading time, undermining all the other hard work. How do you tackle this? To begin with, start with decreasing the server response time. Opting to use CDN for delivering media files, adding cache control headers or use of E tags are all good practices that drastically changes the loading speed of the site.

Of course you could just let you renter price hosting service take care of it for you. Fast Comet for example, provides free Cloud Flare CDN service. Cloud Flare operates out of 100+ data centers around the world. The CDN automatically caches your WordPress static files at Fast Comet’s edge nodes storing the files closer to your visitors. This is coupled with delivering your dynamic content directly from the web server. Cloud Flare then uses a technology called ‘Any cast’ to steer your visitors to the nearest data center. The result being your WordPress website, on average, will be loading at least twice as fast for your visitors regardless of where they are located.Other plans usually involve the implementation of advanced caching to speed up and maintain the increasing loading time. A2 hosting for example benefits from having ‘turbo caching’ that makes for super-fast site load speed.

Top Customer Service

Providing top quality customer care and support is of utmost importance for any enterprise hosting plan. This is especially relevant in the case of running a large scale online business, where a large degree of frequent inquiries is in need of explaining. All 3 of A2 hosting, FastComet and Site Ground offer excellent tech support available 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. The latter enables its users to use SSH access, Git, staging, WP_CLI and in-house WordPress caching. To cater to the large amount of queries in an orderly fashion, all of the enterprise hosting services also provide responses in priority to the tickets lodged by clients on the plan.


For a large scale online business operation to be successful, a CMS featuring easy administration, powerful publishing tools, Exemplary Support and top notch security must all be present. After going through all the advantages, we hope it is now easier for you to understand how a WordPress Enterprise hosting plan can be used to develop and maintain large scale businesses.

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