The main functions of TTSPY spy app

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Today parents are using monitor app to monitor and limit their child’s online habits and they think their child is safe and hassle-free once doing this. More than eighty percent of parents agree that they should monitor their children, especially the digital life. More than half revealed that they use parental control to restrict or control children’s internet browsing and social media or track someone’s WiFi history

Parents also use technology to track their children’s offline activities. Three-quarters of parents use technology to ensure that their children are safe when they are not with them. Parents usually use the tracking function of a spy app like TTSPY spy app to check their children’s whereabouts and behavior. Usually the functions of a spy app vary according to the brands and price. You can check the functions of a spy app or parental control app if you prepare to get it.  Following are some main functions of a spy app:

Monitoring social apps

At present social apps are popular among the young guys. Your child may have registered them even the are at a age which is not allowed to register them. A good spy app such as TTSPY can maintain multiple social media accounts, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and more. Parents can have access to video, photos, and audio sent through these platforms.

Check message records

Parents can check text messages of your child’s phone once use a spy app. No matter text messages received by the target phone or messages sent. It also has a function for monitoring calls log. Use is easy. Track outgoing and incoming calls using duration, call audio and time stamp.

Monitor contact lists

Some children can limit their telephone contacts to parents and friends. So when they add a new contact to their device, you are notified by the TTSPY app so that you can investigate.

Location tracker

TTSPY can also send GPS location updates from the target device to the dashboard if the target phone has connected to Wifi or mobile signal as the telephone tracker detects the location of the telephone.

 After learning some of the main functions of the TTSPY spy app, do you think it is so convenient for monitoring your child’s activities on the phone?  As a parent, you give everything to your child. If this device seems to distract your child from studying or other important things, it is not necessary to prohibit the use of mobile phones. Simply download and install the TTSPY spy app. 

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