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How are you searching for any necessary information? Even this post you are probably viewing on your laptop or your ipad or quite possibly your mobile phone. So, if our site was not fully responsive, your experience with us would not be pleasant. A lot of people used to believe that making their website responsive was just another added cost to their business. But today with the growing technology and high quality gadgets making your site responsive is a need. Here are some the best tools for making your site responsive:

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Bootstrap is one of the most popular framework for web design. With bootstrap frontend design had never been so easy, efficient and of course fully responsive to all kinds of laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is widely recognized for its use of grids design along with different components like menus, buttons that can be easily customized as per your need by integrating custom css and javascripts.


Gridset was developed for web developers and designers that would help them to design and create custom responsive grid based layout. The grids created by Gridset ranges from regular grids to CSS frameworks  They are compatible with popular site building platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and also with graphic softwares like Fireworks and Photoshop.


If you have some knowledge of CSS and HTML, Wirefy can help in creating your own creative  wireframes. It has a huge collections of tiny components like HTML snippets and templates that are responsive as per the need. You will always be credited for your extra efforts due to the fluidity of the created wireframes that subsequently pushes your content first.

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Adobe Edge Reflow

While Photoshop is widely used for designing UI for any web page, Adobe Edge Reflow is vastly concerned with graphics editing that makes it possible to visually design a responsive layouts. Reflow converts the PSD file into HTML and CSS. One can just drag and drop the contents and edit the files using different panels and perhaps some custom CSS and HTML.

Interface Sketch

Are you one of those users who love to sketch your certain vision of how your web page should look like first? If yes then, Interface Sketch is the answer for you. Interface Sketch is basically a visual collection of different layouts and templates in different devices that could be printed out and start sketching.

Adaptive Images

As a user of websites, you must be aware of the necessity of responsiveness of images in different devices. But loading your images in a much lower bandwidth could easily affect your traffic in your own website. Adaptive Images helps to automatically scale the images as per the screen size of the device that it has been viewed on. It goes with almost all popular content management systems without any page lags and breaks which automatically enhances your visitors experience with your site.


Your site will obviously be full with a lot of text so, it is only right for your website’s text to be fully responsive to all kinds of screen sizes. Your typography plays a vital role in letting your visitors stay with your site which is why FitText is an important tool. It is a simple jQuery library that will adjust your text to that of its parent elements. This is mainly used if you want to highlight some of your text and want to remain the same for all devices.


Video being one of the media that has become a necessity to use in your web page gradually increases your loading time and subsequently visitors suffer from bad browsing experience. FitVids is a very easy to use plugin that uses CSS and javascripts to easily make your videos responsive to all screen sizes, layouts and devices.

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Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect is a testing tool that lets you check your final web page in various screen sizes and devices. You can easily test your web page responsiveness in devices like ipad, iphone, galaxy, nexus, droid x, and other multiple devices without actually owning any of such devices.


Responsinator is another responsive testing tool that enables its users to test their webpage on different mobile devices without the presence of the actual physical devices. One can enter their website url into this tool and visually witness your page in different devices screen size for both landscape and portrait views.

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