Top 3 Ways To Prevent A Major Malware Attack

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Malware attacks are the worst kinds of cyber crimes since they aren’t curtailed to just one company/system. When hackers breach the cybersecurity of a company to corrupt a software with malware, every other company, user, and mobile device that uses the same software become vulnerable to hacking. In other words, malware is an epidemic that can lead to bulk hacking of major and minor companies globally at once, compromising the security of millions of users. Hence is the need for smart technologies and strategies that can combat software vulnerabilities to protect users.

Some of those best anti-hacking strategies to reduce online security breaches are given below. You must implement each one of these strategies to make your devices a hard target that hackers prefer to skip to save time and disappointment.

  1. Protected Devices

Despite a necessity, the internet is also a major threat that allows cybercrime. Thus, you should keep your devices safe from the bad side of the internet. The 2 ways to do so include the following.

  • Use strong backdoor passwords to lock all the IoT devices and the DVR system. Also, pay attention to allot every device its own unique password – not to be used for any other device, email account, or social media handle
  • Never leave your devices without antivirus and firewall protection. A firewall can protect your devices from hackers even if the backdoor password gets hacked
  1. Use Network Segmentation

Network segmentation is a very effective cybersecurity move. It involves:

  • Breaking down the sensitive information of the company into different segments
  • Saving different pieces of that information in different networks that are completely independent of each other
  • Password protecting every individual network segment carrying the information

This method offers stunning results because hackers cannot lay a hand of all networks even if they break into one.

  1. Update The software And Firmware

Remember to install software and firmware updates so that the system remains free of bugs. If infested with bugs, hackers get a chance to exploit the bugs and break into the security system, gaining easy entry. Some other ways to debug a software are given below.

  • Uninstall every old software that no longer supplies you with updates
  • Use network testing and software testing services and scans to vacuum all hidden bugs from the system and the cloud storage
  • Run bug bounty programs that promote ethical hackers to study the software that you’re using and finding out dreadful bugs in that software. You can hire ethical hackers to be a part of your cybersecurity team as well

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