What You Need to Know about Network Operations Center NYC Technician

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As a business owner, If you have ever outsourced any IT duties before, then you are probably aware of the numerous ways in which Network Operations Centers NYC could be of immense help to businesses. This isn’t a one man’s job but rather a concerted effort of Network operators, technicians and managers. Let’s take a look at the network technicians.

The Network Operations Center Technician

This set of professionals play a very critical role in making sure that the activities of MSP remain smooth and seamless. They are responsible for watching the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software and ensuring that anything that goes wrong is either reported to the MSP or fixed immediately.

They are required to work for long periods of time and within themselves. They offer a 24 hours service as this is really required. They are no strangers to troubleshooting and would regularly check the operations of the system under their purview to make sure that they are operating optimally.

A Network Operation Center (NOC) Technician in addition to the duties already mentioned is expected to be able to efficiently:

  • Carry out data backup, management and storage.
  • Set up a firewall, Antivirus and other security measurement.
  • Prepare a detailed Network performance reports.
  • Give recommendations on how to make MSP services better.
  • Handle Network Patch Management.
  • Interact and assist customers directly whenever the need arises.

Technician Levels within a Network Operations Center

Network Operation Centers technicians are grouped into two levels based on the level of expertise they possess and the type of duties they undertake. These are:

Level 1 Technicians: Technicians that fall under this category are responsible for handling problems that require a low level of expertise. Whenever there is a hardware failure, or there is a need for minor troubleshooting, these technicians are called upon to solve the problems immediately. In cases when these issues don’t get resolved, the level 2 technicians are then called upon.

Level 2 Technicians: This category features technicians with higher qualification and greater experience. They are involved in the monitoring and management of the network operations. This includes providing the required security and software updates to the network so that the data on it isn’t infiltrated and compromised, thus ensuring a steady and smooth operation of the activities of the MSP.

NOC technicians do not just wait for a problem to occur before seeking solutions to them; rather they anticipate issues that might come up in their field and work towards providing a solution to them. In this manner, they are almost always prepared for whatever problem might arise in the future. But then, the IT field is a very large one and even with the vast amount that a business might invest in the business from time to time, issues might still arise that would demand the concerted effort of highly skilled IT personnel to handle, and your IT staff may not be competent enough. This is one reason why managed NOC service providers are a viable alternative to your in-house IT department as their sole purpose is to find solutions to a problem that might arise within the IT industry.

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