Why offline fundraising is so costly

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In an ideal scenario, any online crowdfunding India campaign would be enhanced by offline activities. You get to target people who don’t spend time on the internet, you get to engage in interpersonal communications, you develop a rapport with supporters, and you do so in a fun and engaging way. However, offline activities may not suit the fundraising requirements for everyone. This is because offline activities can dramatically increase expenses. It all comes down to determining the cost versus benefit of running an offline fundraising campaign as opposed to an online crowdfunding India campaign, where the expenses are significantly lower.

There are so many ways to have an offline fundraiser – depending on the cause you’re raising money for you could have a marathon, a movie screening, a meet-and-greet, a bake sale, a party, a workshop, and what not. But don’t forget to factor in the money that would be spent in organizing any of these events. More often than not, nonprofits that opt for offline fundraising tend to spend a large sum of the donations in recovering the money spent on organizing the fundraiser. This may be practical for large nonprofits or organization who are able to afford such an expense, however, smaller organization will lose out large margins in doing so. In order to help you make a decision as to whether you want to go for online or offline fundraising, we at Impact Guru are going to discuss the process of offline fundraising, and the costs associated with it.

  1. You may spend a fair amount of money on acquiring permission and hiring security for an event.
  2. Paying rental and overheads like electricity, when renting out a venue for an offline event.
  3. Printing and stationery expenses in case of workshops for a fundraising purpose.
  4. Communications would be done through post or courier, for which you’d incur a recurring expense.
  5. Food and beverages would be organized at a fundraiser.
  6. You may decide to have entertainers at a fundraiser, who, if not volunteering, would charge a fee.
  7. Labour and transport related expenses of offline activities.
  8. Other operational and administrative costs.

If, as a non profit you believe the benefits outweigh the cost, then by all means you must have an offline fundraiser. In fact, in certain scenarios like hosting high profile supporters and potential donors, offline fundraiser would be extremely beneficial. That said, we do recommend always having an online presence as well. The world of crowdfunding India has made it extremely easy to do so, and at a very low cost. Most crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru allow you to start a campaign for free, barring a minimal service charge – so there’s nothing to lose, and no hidden expenses to burden you. For individuals raising money for personal expenses, travels, education, or medical treatment, a simple and quick online campaign would suffice. So it all comes down to what suits your fundraising needs.

We hope this article helps you make the decision!

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