Why we still need email marketing

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Every single day we receive a barrage of automated email newsletters, special offers, discounts, ads, etc. that offer us the products we don’t need and the services we never looked for. Most often we delete them and consequently unsubscribe with a clear conscience. But occasionally we get a letter that is intriguing and makes us open and sometimes even share it, and then recommend the product offered to other people.

Does your business need an email marketing strategy?

According to email marketing statistics email ranks third in most powerful sources of information for B2B audience following the industry lead decision makers and colleague recommendations. Thus, 59% of email marketers confirm that email is the most effective channel in terms of income-earning. Without any doubt, effective email marketing is an extremely powerful instrument in reaching present and potential clients for any successful business. It lets customer enhance the relationships and keep pointing out the ways to liaise with a certain company

Core aspects of exceptional marketing emails

When you send an email to your recipients, it’s crucial to realize what you’re aiming to achieve and build an appropriate strategy consequently. Expertly written marketing campaign grabs the audience attention in overflowing inboxes at once and provides a chance to interact in future. However, it is not that simple as it all seems.

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